Master of Yoga Dr George King

Keeping the Christ in Christmas

by Dec 26, 2021

In a Christmas address in 1964, Master of Yoga Dr. George King talked about keeping the Christ in Christmas.

He was sharing his thoughts on Christmas parties and how more often than not, Jesus was not mentioned at all. Although he says that Christmas time should be a time of joy and celebration, it should also be a time of remembrance. We should remember what Jesus sacrificed for us.

“So, let’s keep Christ, the true spirit, in Christmas: the spirit of devotion, sacrifice, kindness, let’s keep this in Christmas, even though we might lose a few friends by doing so. You will know that those friends are well lost, by the way, but you never know, you might change a whole person’s life. People these days need, and some of them desperately need, spiritual upliftment. There’s no doubt about it, they’re desperately searching for it.

“Be an ambassador. You might be used to change a life. Whether you are or not, even though there is the remotest chance that you might be, I still think that it’s worth taking that risk. So, our motto should be, “Let – us – keep – Christ – in – Christmas.”

This year, let us all take this advice and devote some time to focusing on remembering the Master Jesus, his actions and his message.

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