Master of Yoga Dr George King

Jesus was a brilliant karmic manipulator

by Apr 6, 2023

In an address from 1977 entitled The Victory of Easter, Yoga Master Dr. George King tells us about the Master Jesus and how he was an incredible manipulator of Karma.

“Oddly enough, Jesus not only proved, through His death, that He could live again, that He had gone through the Initiation of Ascension, but His death itself brought not only Him, but His teachings great fame. He even transmuted the evil magic behind that, to bring to the Earth a teaching which would not have been nearly as famous today had it not taken place; so He was, indeed, a clever manipulator and a great person. One who altered the consciousness—in one way or another—of every person on Earth. Even those who have not heard of Christianity, had their consciousness altered in one degree or another by His very existence here.”

This Sunday we celebrate Easter. Let us all thank the Master Jesus for his example and his sacrifice by practicing his wonderful spiritual practice, The Twelve Blessings.

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