Master of Yoga Dr George King

If you have the faith to move mountains…

by Apr 29, 2021

Master of Yoga Dr. George King said:

“If you are concerned with teaching you will be helped to teach. Healing, you will be helped to heal. Whatever it is, you will be helped. Not by a presence, not by messages because you will not – repeat not – receive messages from the Third Satellite… But you will receive something far more vital, far more important, far more usable, far more practical in a lot of ways – that is a beam of energy.

“And the beam of energy put down by the Third Satellite is put on individuals, and groups of individuals, throughout the Earth, and this beam, these individual beams are the size of one thousandth part of the finest hair on your head.

“They are invisible beams but they have strength to move mountains – if you have the faith to move mountains.”

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