Master of Yoga Dr George King

How to have greater courage on your spiritual path

by May 4, 2023

Master of Yoga Dr. George King was giving an address in 1961 about choosing a spiritual path. In this lecture, he talks about how it is difficult to stay on a spiritual journey, and he gives us some advice on how to carry on on this road.

“In your legitimate search for truth you should set yourselves a goal. You should try, in some way, to visualize what you want to become. Try, in some way, to visualize yourself as some pattern which you yourself may follow. If you do this, you will then have a greater courage to enable you to travel that road.”

He talks more about the power of visualization in his lectures How to Be Really Successful and Imagination – Your Only Creative Faculty.

Performing spiritual practices, such as The Twelve Blessings, helps increase our concentration and visualization abilities. We can then focus on our spiritual goals more potently and gain even more courage to continue our spiritual journey.

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