Master of Yoga Dr George King

Heavenly twins: Faith and works

by Oct 30, 2021

Master of Yoga Dr. George King was a very practical man. He was also a very spiritually active man. In 1963 he gave a lecture and stated the following:

“I believe, you know, in a very practical kind of faith. I believe that faith without works is dead. I believe that faith without works is just paying lip service to some emotional emotionalism. I believe faith without works is useless! That it’s a non-existent thing. I believe you have to have the works and the faith, together. I believe that they are heavenly twins which go hand in hand to lead you through evolution. Works without faith are nothing. They’re nothing. Faith without works is nothing. But, together, I believe you can go to heaven.”

Faith alone is not what is needed in this world, it is faith and works. Love in practical action. Tune in to an online Twelve Blessings Service this week and put your work and faith together!

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