Master of Yoga Dr George King

Great power is being sent to you

by Jun 2, 2023

In his introduction to the Eighth Blessing, the Master Saint Goo-Ling explains what happens when we are practicing The Twelve Blessings:

“It is a certain fact that if a man builds up a path through the ether and sends upon this path his Love and Blessings towards Master, he receives great Power which is sent back along the same path as that he used in the first place.

“This is a metaphysical fact and can be proven beyond all doubt to he who is willing to give up time and energy to this practice. Such a one is indeed forging the strong foundations of a bridge for himself that he may use this to cross into the Realms of Light.”

So even though our motive is to help others when we perform this mystical practice, we also receive energy back that will help uplift us and raise our consciousness. A blessing indeed!

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