Master of Yoga Dr George King

Gratitude for the Mother Earth – our home

by Jul 6, 2021

Blessed is She, Who, instead of taking the unlimited gowns allowed to this Goddess, did accept material limitation, so that you – the lower aspects of God – could walk through experience back to God again.
– The Master Jesus, from the Seventh Blessing

In his commentary on the Seventh Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr. George King says:

That one sentence alone – that one sentence alone, without anything else in this book – could appear in the book and the book would still be a brilliant jewel in the annals of literature. That one sentence…

In King Yoga we revere the Mother Earth as a living Goddess – an extremely advanced, conscious, living entity.

She thinks. She feels. She meditates – just like any Spiritual Master, but at a vastly higher level. She manifests this beautiful planet as we now see it for our sake, not her own, so that we can live here.

The next time we practice The Twelve Blessings let’s be inspired to really express our gratitude to this Goddess who, in compassion, gives us the opportunity of priceless experience, so that we can all become better, more enlightened people.

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