Master of Yoga Dr George King

Focus on sending out energy in the Spiritual Push!

by Aug 3, 2021

It’s not always easy to have complete focus during a Twelve Blessings service, our minds naturally wander. But especially during a Spiritual Push, we should try our very best to focus our mind on sending out love energy.

As Master of Yoga Dr. George King explained:

“Every second you waste, every second you allow your concentration to drift during a Twelve Blessings service, you are losing 3,000 seconds. That’s a long time. Just go home today or tomorrow and sit for 3,000 seconds, and you’ll be amazed how long it appears to you to be. Every time you really concentrate and you really feel the power flowing through yourself—not through the person on the platform, but yourself—you are sending out 3,000 times more power than you would after the Spiritual Push.”

Let’s come together and focus on sending out as much energy as possible during the last few remaining days of the Spiritual Push!

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