Master of Yoga Dr George King

Everything you do affects all people on Earth

by Jul 22, 2021

In a lecture on the Second Blessing, Master of Yoga Dr. George King states:

“As you are related to all people upon Earth, everything that you do affects all people upon Earth. And as you affect all people upon Earth, in one way or the other, for good or bad—I mean, you affect all people upon Earth either for good or bad—if you yourself become a wiser person, you gradually shed wisdom into the world because you have that effect upon all people you meet…To give healing to a brother who suffers, helps all the people who suffer on the world, just that bit. To walk past a person who is starving, hinders all the people upon the world just that bit.”

When we practice The Twelve Blessings, we are not only sending energy to the focal point of each Blessing, but helping everyone on Earth as well, “just that bit.”

This week, let’s all try to uplift all the people upon Earth – and ourselves – by practicing The Twelve Blessings more soulfully than ever before – making the best possible use of this holy time when Satellite Number Three is in orbit of our world!

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