Master of Yoga Dr George King

Enhance your personal magnetism

by Jul 28, 2022

In 1964, Master of Yoga Dr. George King gave a lecture entitled ‘How to Enhance Your Personal Magnetism,’ in which he describes how prayer is an excellent mental exercise that can also enhance your magnetism.

“Dynamic prayer is a wonderful mental exercise, because you cannot be dynamic in prayer and do it the justice you should do and think about anything else as well. You can’t think about yesterday’s washing, or whether you should take the car in tomorrow or the next day, or whether you should go to the next convention or the other group, or that there’s a meeting about some highfalutin rot in two weeks’ time and whether you should go there or not. You can’t think about these things. You can think about that prayer and nothing else. And when you lose yourself completely in that prayer, then that is right for you.

“For the new people here, may I repeat too—dynamic prayer is not prayer shouted as loud as you can. That is not dynamic prayer. Dynamic prayer is that prayer which comes from the very heart with all the feeling, expression and love you can put in it. That is dynamic prayer. It’s a wonderful mental exercise, and it enhances your true magnetism.”

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