Master of Yoga Dr George King

Easter revelations

by Mar 25, 2021

One of the most fascinating and controversial revelations made by Master of Yoga Dr. George King was that the Master Jesus did not come to Earth to “forgive us our sins.”

In the words of Dr. George King:

“The Great Ones who are manipulating this Solar System … arranged that this Master [Jesus] should come. And under the guise of teaching should bring about a manipulation, or should apparently fall into a trap, should allow His own murder so that Karma could be balanced for a time. Not so that man’s sins could be forgiven him. What good is a man who has sins forgiven him? I ask you in all common basic occult logic, what good would such an individual be? He would be useless. Such an individual can only get to a certain stage of evolution and then he’ll have to fall, because he hasn’t had sufficient experience. Unless he’s worked through his own karma exactly. It’s basic common logic. It’s just common sense. Jesus knew this, so He allowed it to take place. And in doing so He held up, for a moment the repercussions, or Karmic repercussions, which were due in those days.”

At that time the karma of mankind as a whole was so bad that it demanded a major catastrophe that would have set our civilization back several thousand years.

By engineering his own crucifixion and death, the Master Jesus was able to intervene, averting this catastrophe. He could not make the bad karma of mankind disappear, because that is impossible, but he was able to delay it so that we could be allowed more time to balance this karma ourselves.

We can all improve our karma and the karma of our world by serving others. Tune in this week to radiate spiritual energy, which can help to inspire, heal and uplift people the world over.

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