Master of Yoga Dr George King

Cooperate with the Master Jesus in the New Year

by Dec 31, 2021

Master of Yoga Dr. George King did not think people should not make resolutions if they did not intend on keeping them. He said that it is far better to not make any resolutions, than it is to break them.

In an address at the end of 1964, Dr. King was speaking of the Master Jesus and his promise to walk with us, at our time of need.

“Let us remember then—the Presence—the active, living, vibrant Presence—of this Jesus. Especially now, because we choose to have a feast in memory of Him. And let us, if we wish to make any resolution—if we do—let us make this one: that we will cooperate with this Great Server of humanity in every possible way. And that’s the good resolution. In fact, I don’t know that you could make a better one if you wish to stick to it. But if you don’t, then don’t resolve it, my friends.”

One of the best ways that we can cooperate with this Great Server is to practice the Twelve Blessings as much as we can in the next year.

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