Master of Yoga Dr George King

Change the course of history

by Nov 26, 2020

Master of Yoga Dr. George King said:

“Your spiritual energy is helping mankind.
“Your spiritual energy is helping to change the course of history on this Earth.
“Your spiritual energy is what is needed more than anything else by mankind.”

It is inspiring, is it not, to know that every time we raise our hearts, our minds and our hands in prayer, we are helping to change the course of history.

And not just changing history, but doing something that really matters; something urgent; something that will result in definite, positive change in our world.

So let us continue to hold within our hearts and minds a vision of the world we want to see – lasting peace, enlightenment and global cooperation – and send out our energy to realize this vision together!

The Spiritual Push is a time when all of our selfless efforts for others are magnified 3000 times in terms of their karmic benefit to the world as a whole.

Using The Twelve Blessings, especially during a Spiritual Push, we can all help to raise global consciousness and improve world karma – and change the course of history.

Change the world with spiritual energy

Discover the truthtry it for yourself

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