Master of Yoga Dr George King

Celebrate the Master Jesus

by Dec 22, 2023

“Even those people who do not refer to themselves as Christians have been influenced by the teachings of the Cosmic Master we call Jesus. So practical was this teaching, so great was this teaching, so workable was this teaching, that there is not a man, a woman, a child alive on Earth … who, in one way or another—be it only in an infinitesimal way, but in one way or another—has not been influenced for the better by these great teachings, which were to come from what appeared to be an ordinary Adept.” – Dr. George King

Although December 25 is not the true birthday of the Master Jesus, it is a joyous time where people remember this great Cosmic Avatar. The best way to celebrate the Master Jesus, is to send out love and healing to the world through his practice, The Twelve Blessings

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