Master of Yoga Dr George King

Carefully cultivate your intuition

by May 12, 2023

Although the goal of spiritual service is to help others, there are nevertheless many benefits for ourselves as well, one of which is a greater awakening of our intuition.

In a lecture on forgetfulness, Master of Yoga Dr. George King tells us that we can train ourselves to improve our memory and have control over our own minds. He then goes on to talk about tapping into our intuition:

“Now the intuition, though, is rather like a plant. It doesn’t work automatically like the subconscious does. It’s rather like a plant, you see, if you get a plant from a tropical part of the world and plant it in a desert it will most surely die.”

“So, the intuition has to be carefully cultivated. There’s no doubt about it. And the more you listen and act upon the intuition—the pure intuition, not that thing discolored by like or dislike, but the pure intuition—the more you act upon this, the stronger it will get. And the stronger the impulses will get which the intuition sends into the conscious mind.”

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