Master of Yoga Dr George King

Blessed is The Mother Earth

by Jul 6, 2023

This week, on July 8th, many who practice The Twelve Blessings celebrate The Primary Initiation of Earth. This is a time to deepen our love and appreciation for the Mother Earth and all that she has sacrificed for us.

“…one lesson which I will never forget was, strangely enough, one which I have always known ever since I was a very small child, but this truth was brought home to me more forcibly than ever before. It is a simple truth and an obvious one, but has been overlooked by mankind for centuries. It is a truth which the more highly evolved beings, living on other planets in this solar system, have known about for thousands of years.

“Very simply stated, the truth is this: the most holy, the most sacred, the most godlike being you have ever physically touched, is the ground beneath your feet.”
– Master of Yoga Dr. George King in Visit to the Logos of Earth

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