Master of Yoga Dr George King

Being thankful for the Cosmic Masters

by Nov 23, 2023

Today in America we are celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s a time of coming together for friends and families, and a time of feeling thanks for all that we have.

In 1964, Dr. George King shared a unique perspective on Thanksgiving. He spoke about how we should be thankful to God for the Divine intervention that has happened through the work of the Cosmic Masters, such as the Master Jesus. 

“Let us make, at least a few minutes per day—for the rest of our lives, and the next life, and the next, and the next: make a ritual of it in this life and it will become an automatic ritual in the next—at least a few minutes per day to say a prayer of thankfulness to God for His, or Its, intervention on our behalf in the way that it is being done at the moment; because this, my friends, is the greatest gift you have ever had, or ever can have, or ever will have.” 

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