Master of Yoga Dr George King

Being grateful for our lessons

by Feb 22, 2024

On February 21, 1959, Dr. George King gave a lecture on The Sixth Blessing. 

In this lecture he highlighted the importance of treating everything that happens in our lives, good and bad, as a lesson. 

If we are grateful to God for our lessons and learn them as best as we can, we will not have to learn them twice. 

“I’ve met some whose lot through life has been pretty hard all the way round, and yet they may have grumbled a little but, really, they do thank God, and have thanked God, for the great opportunities of these particular experiences, which, if lived through correctly will never have to be endured again. Whether they are good or bad ones. So-called pain, or so-called happiness, they will never have to be lived through again if lived through correctly the first time.” 

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