Master of Yoga Dr George King

Become a Thanksgiver

by Feb 15, 2024

In a lecture on the Fifth Blessing, to the Thanksgivers, Dr. George King explains what the Master Jesus means when he says that the Thanksgivers:

“turn great tides of energy and direct these towards their objectives.”

Dr. King says that the people this Blessing is talking about are those who go out of their way to consciously send out energy in gratitude. 

In order to do this, we must firstly know that this great energy, prana, exists. Secondly, we must know how to contact it and direct it towards a particular objective. 

He goes on to say that practicing The Twelve Blessings is a sure way of doing this. 

“Because all the way through here you get a realization and a reference to the existence of great energy, number one; and number two: we are reminded over and over again—twelve times in this book—because each Blessing has to do with the contacting and manipulation of essential energies.”

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