Master of Yoga Dr George King

Become a Thanksgiver and advance!

by Aug 18, 2021

In the Fifth Blessing, we send out our love energy to the “Thanksgivers.” These are people who have made enough progress on the spiritual path to be aware of the Devic Kingdom, and who then give these spirits of nature thanks for their essential work.

“Anyone who will walk upon the seas sending out great power to Neptune as a great deva—who does exist: this isn’t just a fairy story; it does exist—anyone who will do that must be conscious of, one: the existence of an all-pervading cosmic energetic force; and number two: be conscious of the existence of Neptune. Anyone who does this would be an advanced being. And if tomorrow any of you people do this consciously, you will be advanced people tomorrow. If you do this tonight, you will be advanced people tonight. You may not realize it, but you will advance.”
– Master of Yoga, Dr. George King

This week, let’s become Thanksgivers – sending out our love to the great Devas of our world, and advance!

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