Master of Yoga Dr George King

Be good, be tolerant, be kind…

by Mar 15, 2022

Today is the true birthday of the Master Jesus and on this day we remember this Cosmic Adept and the great teachings he has given us. His life 2,000 years ago was an example of how to live. In The Twelve Blessings he continues to offer us gems of wisdom to live by, such as this quote from the Ninth Blessing:

“Be good, be tolerant, be kind, be merciful, be gentle, be humble and you will be great.”

You can find out more about Jesus and his true Mission to Earth in our audio download The Occult Secrets of Jesus.

Recently, our online Services have been dedicated to helping the war in Ukraine. What better way to live the teachings of the Master Jesus than to join together with spiritual workers from all around the world and send energy for peace, freedom and healing in this region.

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