Master of Yoga Dr George King

Be fearless in your spirituality

by Jan 28, 2021

This week we share our last excerpt from the commentary on the New Year’s poem written by Master of Yoga Dr. George King to help inspire you in 2021:

In Dr. King’s commentary on the poem he says:

“Remember—do not be afraid to live your beliefs or to let other people see you are living your beliefs, for it makes no difference what others think—and help to bring to mankind a beautifully spiritual New Morning.”

In ‘The Nine Freedoms’ we are told that the First Freedom is Bravery.

One aspect of Bravery is simply choosing truth over the comparative ease of materialistic conditioning–swimming against the tide, as it were. For example, detaching from our consumer culture because you believe that true fulfilment can only be found within.

But Dr. King also tells us not to be afraid of letting other people see us living our beliefs. There are probably many reasons for this, but one, no doubt, is simply that you never know who you might inspire with your example. Your courage may be the spark that sets another heart ablaze with love for God. Or it may simply plant the seed of wisdom within them; they may start searching for answers and even start to do spiritual practices too.

So be fearless in your beliefs and inspire fearlessness in others, so that together we can all strive towards God through service!

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