Master of Yoga Dr George King

Answering a command by the Master Jesus

by Jul 21, 2022

In a lecture in 1964, Master of Yoga Dr. George King was asked what the Master Jesus meant in the Sixth Blessing, when he commanded:

“spread yourselves in sacrificial action throughout your suffering world.”

Dr. King responded with the following:

“Karma yoga means “union with God through action” for the world as a whole. Bhakti yoga means “union with God through the expression of love.”

“By performing The Twelve Blessings we are performing Bhakti yoga, as much as we are sending out love and power and blessing to the world as a whole. And this is now, and always has been, actually, one of the highest forms of all yoga.

“Karma yoga is a yoga of action—not theory, but physical action in every way. And every selfless service you do for another is a sacrificial action. You are sacrificing some bliss yourself in order to help another. And many of you are doing just this.”

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