Master of Yoga Dr George King

An extraordinary opportunity to help the world

by Jun 29, 2023

On July 5th at midnight GMT, Satellite Number 3 comes back into orbit of Earth. This time, which we refer to as a Spiritual Push, is an extraordinary opportunity to help the world and the Cosmic Plan:

“You might say that, “I am only one person alone in Bethnal Green”, or anywhere you like, “what can I do?”

“I must say this. Whether you are only one person or whether you are a member of a group of ten thousand people, you must remember that you are important to the Cosmic Plan, that without you the Cosmic Plan cannot fully succeed.

“The Cosmic Plan is a specially devised plan which will bring peace and enlightenment to this Earth, and it will bring full spiritual healing to this Earth. While there is one cell in the body which is diseased, the whole body is brought down to a lower level. While there is one person upon this Earth who has not reached the right standard of evolution, the whole Earth cannot really make its last great strides forward. So you may only be one person, but you are important to the plan.”
– Master of Yoga, Dr. George King

If we can enhance the amount we are able to help others, we are also able to evolve faster. Tune into our Online Services during this time to join in with others to uplift the world!

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