An Avatar for the Piscean Age

by Mar 11, 2021

The Master Jesus is literally a world away from what so many people have been taught about him for centuries.

One aspect of this is his true birthdate, March 15th, which we celebrate in The Aetherius Society as the coming to Earth of a great Avatar who came to herald in the Piscean Age.

“At this time we are gathered together to remember the birth date on Earth of a very great being. A man who came among us for a short time and left and, when he did so, he left the world in a much better condition than it was before – although it wasn’t so apparent. I think, of all of the great Masters who have come to Earth, one of the most misunderstood was Jesus. He was misunderstood in the time that he came here and he’s misunderstood today. There’s a lot of misconceptions, still, abroad about this being and very few of his followers really know why he came. They seem to have no conception of why he should come. They thought, and still think, that he came to teach, to do a few healings, one or two miracles – and that’s about all. Some of them even go so far as to say that they believe he is the “One and Only Son of God,” and yet they still believe, irrationally, that the One and Only Son of God came to perform just a few miracles and give some teaching.”

– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, March 15th, 1981

Over the next few weeks we will reveal more of the fascinating truth about Jesus’s life, his real mission to Earth and his teachings.

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