Master of Yoga Dr George King

A way to feel peace and enjoyment

by Oct 20, 2022

In an address from 1965 entitled ‘The Difference Between the Mystic and the Occultist‘ Master of Yoga, Dr. George King has this to say about The Twelve Blessings.

“Some people like The Twelve Blessings—that’s wrong—all people like The Twelve Blessings. Performance of The Twelve Blessings is a wonderful task. This isn’t work, it’s great enjoyment. And the better you know them, the more enjoyment—not happiness, but enjoyment—you can get out of them. You feel at peace while you are performing these, and afterwards you feel as though you have done something, which you have. There is no doubt about it—correct performance of The Twelve Blessings is a very, very potent practice.”

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