Master of Yoga Dr George King

A Tree called Confidence

by Apr 28, 2023

The Master Jesus says these words in the Third Blessing:

“Walk ye into Peace. Request it gently, for it falleth even as the gentle rain from Heaven. Let it flow. Offer to this wondrous Power no resistance—but let it flow through you all—NOW.”

“Every cell of your body will rejoice. Every part of you will be happy ‘neath this Light. For, dear friends—adorable children—first cometh the Angel, Peace—to make way for the Goddess—Love.”

Dr. George King, Master of Yoga, elaborated on these words in a lecture from 1960:

“He’s talking about a certain peace within. A deep inner peace, where the tree called confidence is born. And then that confidence blossoms. And others see the confidence tree blossoming within you and they pick of its fruits. And they, too, have a greater confidence, a greater knowledge, a greater power, a greater love, a greater light, a greater wisdom, because they’re performing, like you, a greater service.”

Dr. King elaborated on all of the Twelve Blessings in a lecture series from 1960. These lectures are filled with wisdom and can help us understand, and appreciate The Twelve Blessings much more.

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