Master of Yoga Dr George King

A single-minded approach to prayer

by Mar 16, 2023

In an address from 1978, Yoga Master Dr. George King told a story about when he was praying for peace during the Korean War:

“One night I got into such a highly elevated state that I physically flew round the room. This was not a projected state, this was physical levitation. It’s not the first time I’ve had levitation, but it’s, shall we say, the most dramatic levitation that I’ve had. I must have been praying for about an hour, and the whole body became light and flew round the room—but I went on praying. It was only one thing that I cared about, not physical manifestation, not the powers, but the result of that prayer. And one has to be very, very single-minded in this respect. And if you are, results will come.”

While it is unlikely that you or I will be able to levitate any time soon, Dr. King does let us know that focus is needed in our prayers, and other spiritual practices, in order to bring about the best results.

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