Master of Yoga Dr George King

A secret to spiritual advancement

by Dec 3, 2020

Master of Yoga Dr. George King gave us a secret to spiritual advancement when he said:

“…man has one sure ability, he can manipulate his own karma. If he regards every unit of energy as sacred and divine, using this for the benefit of all, then indeed, does such a one manipulate his karmic pattern so that in future lives he is given even a greater chance to use more energy in even a more beneficial manner.”

What better examples of this principle can we find than our own planet Earth? Or even our Sun? We depend on the Sun absolutely and completely for our very existence, for all energy – in fact for life itself. The Sun – a being of unimaginable spiritual power – spends 24 hours per day of its existence giving selflessly to others.

What could we do to radiate more energy to people in need and help them that little bit more? If we follow the Sun’s example, in our own small way; if we regard every unit of energy as sacred and use it for the benefit of all life, we will become enlightened.

The Spiritual Push is a time when all of our selfless efforts for others are magnified 3000 times in terms of their karmic benefit to the world as a whole. In the last week of the final Spiritual Push this year let’s remember the tremendous privilege of Service we have and the unique opportunity it gives us to advance.

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