Master of Yoga Dr George King

A practice that benefits all your spiritual work

by Feb 5, 2022

In a lecture on the Fourth Blessing – to the Planetary Ones – Master of Yoga Dr. George King reminds us that by practicing The Twelve Blessings we are not only helping the focal point of each blessing, but also ourselves:

“…let us not forget that these Blessings are, essentially, practices. They’re practices before they’re anything else. When we send out the power of our blessings to these Individuals—even though we don’t know them; not knowing them doesn’t matter—when we send out the power of our blessings to these Individuals we help them in Their task. Naturally, of course, as well as helping ourselves in our task—spiritual task—whatever that may be.”

Our motive in practicing The Twelve Blessings is not to help ourselves. But because we are sending energy out, by karmic law, we do get energy sent back to us. So we are helped because we receive this energy and this will help us in all of our spiritual work.

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