Master of Yoga Dr George King

A potent time to help the world

by Nov 2, 2023

Satellite Number 3 comes back into orbit on November 4 at midnight GMT. The presence of this craft will karmically enhance all of our spiritual actions by 3,000 times. 

Master of Yoga Dr. George King talked about what this means for us in an address from 1962:

This isn’t an Earthman’s guess. This isn’t our opinion of something. This is an exact figure given by the people who are controlling this particular Satellite on our behalf.

“If this is so, and it is so, then we’re given tremendous opportunity at this time to do a tremendous amount of work for our brothers, as a whole. If we are given the opportunity, and we seize this opportunity, then great must be our progress.”

With so much suffering in the world today, we can all feel thankful that Cosmic Beings are going out of their way to allow us to help others in a much more potent way. 

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