Master of Yoga Dr George King

A New Year’s resolution…

by Jan 7, 2021

Last week we helped to ring in the New Year with a poem by Master of Yoga Dr. George King. In his commentary on the poem he says:

“The poem begins by telling of the promises and resolutions which are often made on a New Year’s Eve as is the custom but which are very soon forgotten. We have all before now made many good New Year’s resolutions and have forgotten them before the middle of January. This is characteristic of mankind on Earth. When man is no longer like this, he will become a better person—and the purpose of life is to study how we can make ourselves better people.”

In The Twelve Blessings the Master Jesus offers us a wonderful resolution we can all adopt; one which will certainly make us better people. He says:

“Blessed is he, who reading this Book doth understand.
But exalted is he, even among the Angels,
Who, reading this Book, doth take it to his heart
And follow its precepts.
Tell my Son, that this Book is now and forever—Holy.”

Will we take The Twelve Blessings to our hearts and follow its precepts of love and service to others? The world certainly needs it.

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