Master of Yoga Dr George King

A Master’s story on WWII and peace

by Sep 1, 2023

Master of Yoga Dr. George King was in the fire service in London during WWII. This experience greatly affected him and in 1960 he spoke about seeing people clearing up rubble after some bombings. He said it was happening all over the country at the time.

“This is the strange enigma of so-called civilized man. He will work for war, but he will not work for peace! And when Jesus here says, “Send out your Blessings to They Who Work for Peace,” in the name of Heaven you should do this, because those people who are working for peace these days are helping to save you from similar things happening to you!”

Satellite Number 3 is coming back into orbit on September 3rd/4th (depending on your time zone). This spacecraft will enhance all of our spiritual actions, in terms of karmic effect, by a factor of 3,000. It’s an opportunity to send out as much energy as possible to help all of those who work for peace.

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