Master of Yoga Dr George King

A Master’s advice on how to say a prayer

by Jan 19, 2023

In a lecture series given in 1964, Master of Yoga Dr. George King gave some helpful advice on how we pray:

“You see, first of all, what we have to do with this prayer is, we have to say it from our own hearts, how we feel it should be said. We don’t have to copy the way Jesus says it on the Blessings, number one, because we can never feel the same way that he felt, you see. So we have to say it as we feel it should be said. We have to put our hearts into it, but we also have to put accentuation in certain places, and the accentuation that we put is part of the power of this prayer.”

The more we say these beautiful prayers, the more we can understand them and put our hearts into them.

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