Master of Yoga Dr George King

A house united!

by Oct 1, 2020

“…if a thousand people pursue their own studies in their own way without coming together, those thousand people can be as a house divided. If those thousand people come together they can be as a house united.”
– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, Join Your Ship

Today it is spiritual service that really counts, and if you want to serve as many people as possible as much as you possibly can, cooperation is essential.

In metaphysics, a whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Practicing The Twelve Blessings together with others at the same time is even more powerful than doing it alone.

Working together with others may not always be easy, but greater things can be accomplished when we do:

“The day of the brave spiritual worker who is willing to cooperate with a proven spiritual organization is now upon us. If you would take the advice of Mars Sector 6, if you would manipulate your own karma, if you would help and protect yourself from any conditions which may arise and also help and protect the world as a whole, you would now prepare by availing yourself of the right teachings and at the same time become an active worker for good in this world. You will never do this effectively alone.”
– Master of Yoga Dr. George King, Join Your Ship

With just over a week remaining in this Spiritual Push, let’s take every remaining opportunity to do the greatest good that we can by coming together as a house united.

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