Master of Yoga Dr George King

7 days until the next Spiritual Push!

by Aug 27, 2020

So far we’ve talked about two ways that we can “reach upwards” – a common theme in The Twelve Blessings:

– We can think about God more. We can attune ourselves with more elevated and inspired thoughts, especially in meditation.

– We can study the wisdom of those greater than ourselves. Even simply reading a spiritual book, like The Twelve Blessings or The Nine Freedoms, and allowing its wisdom to sink into your consciousness, will change your vibration. And the greater the teachings, the more they will change you.

We can also cultivate spiritual aspiration – spiritual ambition. We can devote ourselves to a spiritual quest – a spiritual goal. We can nurture within ourselves a real yearning for truth.

Master of Yoga Dr. George King said of spiritual ambition:

“Now, if you kill off all other forms of ambition in your nature, then leave that one rose in the garden of weeds and tend it very carefully and let it grow, because it’s a beautiful flower. Without it, I believe a man is little better than the animal. With it, he stands head and shoulders above other men…”

Having spiritual ambition will bring out the very best in ourselves – the expression of our own Higher Self.

We certainly all have something to look forward to in this regard – the next Spiritual Push starts in just 7 days from today with a full week of online Services!

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