Master of Yoga Dr George King

Change the karma of the world

by May 12, 2022

We all have our own individual karma to work through, but we also have group karma and even world karma. This means that every positive action we make, can help improve world karma.

“Manipulate the karma of the world and you have all the power to do everything you want! You manipulate the karma of the world through prayer, service, devotion, work: W–O–R–K… If you do it in this way then you will get vast quantities of power—vast quantities of power—to put the world right. No doubt about this.”

There is no better time to work together to change world karma than during a Spiritual Push when all of our spiritual efforts will be enhanced by a factor of 3,000 times. Tune in to our online Twelve Blessings Services and help change the world!

Change the world with spiritual energy

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