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by Jun 26, 2019

In this week’s extract, Master of Yoga Dr George King demystifies the concept of inspiration and how to allow this great power to change your life. You are more than a physical body – you are a psychic and spiritual being!

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“In other words, to put it even more simple: we know, and most intelligent people who have thought at all are now beginning to agree, that man not only has a physical body but he has a mental body. We all know this.

“They also are now beginning to agree that he has a psychic body. Something which is tenuous, something which dovetails into the mental, but something that they can’t see or detect yet, but feel that it is there because of certain reactions which are known to take place which couldn’t take place if it was not there, or something similar did not exist. Even psychologists and psychiatrists are beginning to admit this these days.

“The occultist has known that in this psychic body, in this field of magnetic… type of magnetic force which surrounds the mechanical structure in which life and intelligence exist, there are floodgates — doors — which can be opened. And when these doors or psychic centers are opened by the application of knowledge, then inspiration or intuition or higher mind or knowledge — call it what you like — will flow in. And the finely attuned computer within the mechanical structure is prone to reception of this knowledge and understanding of it.

“So inspiration then, is not a mysterious force. It is not a supernatural force, because you cannot have a supernatural force. The whole idea of anything being super, or above nature, is utterly ludicrous. It isn’t even basic common logic. It is the result of hard work, to put it very simply.”

– Master of Yoga Dr George King

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